Tips & Tricks For Pigmented Lips

Everybody loves lips that are pink and beautiful. No one would like to have dark & pigmented lips & yet it is one of the most common problems faced by women. Today, I will share with you treatments and steps you can do at home to get rid of Dark Lips.

To begin with, I first want to share with you the reasons for Dark Lips: 

Most common reason is consumption of excessive tea & coffee which leads to dark lips. The nicotine stains causes lips to grow darker each day.

Sucking or licking your lips also causes lip pigmentation.

A dry & chapped lip is also one of reasons.


Hormonal changes are one of the primary reasons of lip discoloration.

Exposure to Sun’s UV rays.

Using poor quality lipsticks or using lipsticks way past their expiration date.

Unhealthy food habits.


Vitamin Deficiency such as B-Complex & iron causes scaling of lips & deficiency of Vitamin A, C etc causes darkening of lips.

Not ensuring complete removal of lipstick from the lips at the end of the day.

Here is a Home remedy which helps you get rid of Dark Lips. The things needed are:

Juice of one lemon (Lemon is acidic in nature and it helps in lightening the dark patches)

1 tsp of honey (Honey moisturizes and heals the dry lips. It helps in restoring lost moisture. It also has antibacterial power which prevents infection from developing in cracked lips)

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